HR Survey – Engagement, Compensation etc.

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement can be defined as an employee putting forth extra discretionary effort, being loyal & stable with the organization over the long haul. Research shows that engaged employees: perform better, put in extra efforts to help get the job done, show a strong level of commitment to the organization, and are more motivated and optimistic about their work goals. Employers with engaged employees tend to experience low employee turnover and more impressive business outcomes.

In order for the organizations need to meet and surpass organizational objectives, employees must be engaged. Research has proven that wholly engaged employees exhibit:

  • Higher self-motivation.
  • Confidence to express new ideas.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Higher levels of customer approval and service quality.
  • Reliability.
  • Organizational loyalty; less employee turnover.
  • Lower absenteeism.

Visionary offers the clients to conduct Employee Engagement Surveys in an effective manner. Surveys are customzied (manual / e-survey) as per the client's requirement.

Compensation, Benefits Survey

In order to continuously improve themselves organisations need to assess level of employee engagement through commitment, gauge leadership and accountability through culture and identify bottlenecks for effective management through communication.

We help our clients in assessing the market trends in compensation and benefits, through a detailed analysis of market data customized according to the requirements of the client.