Change Management & People Effectiveness

Resistance for the change is a natural and necessary part of the process. What is the explicit plan for seeking out and addressing resistance?

We at Visionary believe that Change Management is “systematically and deliberately influencing the human and organisational variables associated with a complex change to achieve desired results”.

We follow the following approaches:

  • Systematic : A holistic, proven process for change.
  • Deliberate :  premeditated and planned.
  • Human : deals with skills, mindsets, style, culture and norms of stakeholders.
  • Organisational : rooted in strategy, processes, and structure with the relevant measurements and levers.
  • Complex Change : deals with multiple stakeholders, focused on strategic processes across functional domains.
  • Results : focused, defined by improvements to choice, quality, cost and responsiveness.

Our Change Management approach focuses on:

  • Optimising Acceptance
  • Maximising Readiness
  • Supporting success of your initiative.

Our Change Management approach will benefit you and your staff by supporting

  • Timely benefits realisation
  • Improved decision making 
  • Stable employee productivity 
  • Employee performance improvements 
  • Strengthened dynamic and adaptive organisational responses 
  • Effective capability transfer