Change Management

Have you failed, or meet resistance, in making what appear, to you, to be obvious business improvements?

Is your organisation structure fit for purpose? Is it designed from the customer perspective?

Are you concerned about acquiring new business?

“The only thing that’s constant is change”

Visionary has a wealth of experience to effectively manage all issues related to making change in your organisation as smooth as possible. Despite the fact that we live in a world where the pace of change is increasing exponentially, change in any organisation is still one of the most difficult and often distressing events for employees. We will help make the process of changes understandable, take employees through the change cycle and educate your employees/managers on how to manage change, step-by-step.

Cultural Change

Cultural change is a fundamental form of organizational transformation, and the people, processes, systems, and structures are the key players. They involve changing basic values, norms, and beliefs among stakeholders in order to improve organizational performance. It is true that improved systems and processes lead to better performance. However, it is the people and the spirit behind a company that enables the implementation of such processes and structures. It is not uncommon that certain cultural barriers exist to keep change from taking place. Companies cannot realize successful organizational transformation unless they identify and repair cultural and process barriers.

The problem is inherent in the fact that such barriers are often hidden and embedded in a company culture. For example, when people are assigned to sign off on a decision, organizations may not know who really owns the process, particularly when it crosses five functional groups, resulting in delayed reply time. New product development also faces culture change dilemmas when an engineer, externally presented with a breakthrough idea, is gridlocked because he or she cannot take credit.

Our Approach

We believe that the ultimate goal of culture change is to change the norms and beliefs of individuals, inevitably impacting a company’s culture as a whole. However, this change can not be accomplished by training alone. Our approach is pragmatic, action-oriented, and drives meaningful behavior change in areas that deliver tangible financial results to the business. We offer a collaborative, strength-based approach to strategic change and transformation. We believe the spirit and culture of your organization can have a significant impact on your business processes. At the heart of our cultural change practice is a methodology that draws on an organization’s strengths and values in order to implement its change agenda and achieve its highest goals. Our cultural change transformation methodology empowers organizations to tap into the strength of their cultural values and beliefs, engaging the hearts and minds of their people, and unleashing the reservoir of human potential fundamental to organizational transformation.

We utilize a methodology that enables organizations to determine if a barrier is related to a certain subject matter, process, or cultural position. Once identified, the company needs to solidify specific changes and new behaviors required throughout the change management process and implementation plan.

We help our clients achieve a significant long-term change by prescribing a tactical plan that supports the corporate strategy in overcoming such barriers. The best route to cultural transformation is typically identified by the objectivity and experience of an external expert. We have the expertise to identify the cultural barriers to competitiveness and drive the appropriate course  of action in overcoming them.

Visionary is the catalyst for change. We produce results by identifying barriers and guiding managers along the path to a new corporate mindset and shared strategic direction. We understand that company culture determines how an organization responds to various situations. We also understand that organizational response is paramount in maintaining a competitive advantage. In today’s global business environment, when and how you respond will determine your organization’s success. Let  Visionary help you realize your potential by implementing Breakthrough Cultural Change.