Temping / Flexi-Staffing


Modern day business demands temporary staff  for many short term projects. Visionary provides ideal candidates to meet temporary staffing needs across a range of skill-sets across many locations in the country for a variety of industry sectors. We manage the entire HR process right from recruitment and selection, on-boarding, payroll, compliance, training &l providing you detailed MIS.

Backed by our dedicated team of consultants, operating from 2 locations in India and associates in Europe & Asia,  strong risk management processes for compliance and legal aspects we deliver a sustained value based system.


The world is a global village now. More & more companies are spreading their reach in markets across various countries, hence there is a greater need to have a flexibility of workforce, improvement in productivity and legal compliance at the workplace. To help the Corporates meet this demand, we offer the Flexi Staffing Solution covering every aspect of HR needs right from recruitment to exit modalities. 

To address the concerns on Flexi-Staffing and risks associated therein, we have devised business processes, that offers flexible and cost-effective solutions taking care of headcount needs and limitations evenly.

We offer end-to-end solution to :

  • Reduce organisation’s selection cost & time factor
  • Faster mobilization / demobilization of people
  • Eliminates the expensive contractual procedures
  • Helps organization in timely compliance of all Statutory requirement
  • Facilitates ‘temporary to permanent’ possibility
  • Reduces employee retention ratio
  • Provides need based flexibility in workforce across various functions.