In House Services
We provide the right solution to maintain & keep your company flexible and at the same time fill up ‘CRUCIAL BLANKS’ in  your work force structure :
Everything for one client
Effective & efficient
Recruitment specialists
We offer :

Experienced, motivated & dedicated Account Team working closely with the client’s management team to support organisational strategies and help achieving business goals.
Customized, targeted recruitment and selection process
Talent pool matching our client’s manpower requirement in terms of skills, experience & exposure.
Cost savings and quality improvement programs customized to suit client’s business and HR strategy.
Visionary's In-house Services Care Program customized to maximize retention of talent pool.
Streamlined payroll processing and MIS
Single point contact for all staffing needs, freeing client’s management and supervisors to focus on the core functions of their business.

Visionary's In-house Services is a perfect fit solution for organizations needing large-scale of temporary workforce.
There are lots of employable candidates in each stream of job who are talented and skilled,  who possibly seek employment in your company. The challenge lies in finding the right candidate who will meet your requirements and will excel once hired. 

Visionary brings the expertise in recruitment thru its diverse experienced team of recruiters help to identify the best human resource for roles across various levels in your organization. Our recruitment team is organized along industry sectors viz. Manufacturing, Services & Infra-Development Projects covering all the major industry verticals.Our Key Accounts Team relate well with you, speak your language and understand your needs deeper. They also understand candidates better and deliver best-fit candidates in short turn-around time. 

Be it a project of hiring a team of people across levels and skills or recruiting for a few niche positions or managing a hiring project for a long term, we have the solution. Our solutions are appropriate for your scenario ranging from Database selection, Advertised Selection to Recruitment Process Outsourcing.